Ylang Ylang Extra Organic 有機依蘭依蘭


Oshadhi Ylang Ylang Extra Organic(有機依蘭依蘭精油) is an intensely sweet, fragrant, floral aroma known. Ylang ylang means ‘flower of flowers’ and provides a floral note that is often used in perfumery. It is a soothing, calming and relaxing essential oil and  makes it wonderful in stress reducing blends, soothing away anger and frustration. ‘Extra’ means that it is from the early stages of distillation, and has the most striking and powerful top notes. A little of this oil goes a very long way because it has such a dominating effect and tenacious quality. It can be sniffed direct from the bottle at moments of extreme stress, but too much of this oil can cause headache or nausea. Try it in blends with bergamot, sweet orange, petitgrain or sandalwood.

HandK Aroma is the official dealer of Oshadhi in Hong Kong. Oshadhi provides over 500 essential oil and please feel free to contact us if you wish to order your favaourite essential oil.

Botanical Name: Cananga odorata

Cultivation: Certified organic

Origins: Madagascar

Part of Plant: Blossoms

Fragrance Note: Middle

Contraindications: A strong oil, so care should be taken to dilute. Too much can cause headaches or nausea.

Major Biochemical Compounds: Linalool, Para methyl cresol, Geranyl acetate, Germacrene-D, Benzyl acetate, Benzyl benzoate

Size: 10ml

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