Sandalwood Australia 澳洲檀香


Oshadhi Sandalwood Australia is one of those incredible oils that acts on many different levels of the body, mind and spirit, and it is not surprising that it is so revered. It is at the same time spiritual and grounding, earthy and ethereal, harmonising and liberating, relaxing and uplifting. Forever associated with spiritual pursuit, and incense, the oil also has use in cosmetics and skincare, being soothing and cooling. Sandalwood combines beautifully with rose, jasmine, two other oils forever associated with liberation and higher consciousness.

HandK Aroma is the official dealer of Oshadhi in Hong Kong. Oshadhi provides over 500 essential oil and please feel free to contact us if you wish to order your favaourite essential oil.

Botanical Name: Santalum spicatum

Also known as: Sandalwood (Australia)

Cultivation: Wild-crafted

Origins: Australia

Part of Plant: Wood

Fragrance Note: Middle/ Base

Major Biochemical Compounds: cis-alpha-Santalol, cis-beta-Santalol, cis-Nuciferol, trans-alpha-Bergamotol, cis-Lanceol

Size: 5ml

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