HandK All Purpose Oil 岩玫瑰萬用按摩油


HandK All Purpose oil is a must in our first aid and travel kit. It has anti-viral and cells regenerative function. We use it to for cuts, insects bites, bruises, scars, itchy skin, bleeding, skin healing because of the immediate calming and powerful healing effect. HandK All Purpose Oil is actually an excellent concentrated anti-aging face oil. Use 1 part of All Purpose Oil and mix with 4 parts of your choice of vegetable oil or aloe vera like Aloe Rose, Aloe Chamomile, Aloe Lotus, Aloe Lavender to create anti-aging skin care. It is made of Oshadhi organic jojoba oil and essential oil for best result. Apply on the afftected area with the roll-on bottle and you can see result soon. All ingredients are powerful yet safe to children and elderly.

Contraindications: HandK All Purpose oil is concentrated and use on affected area only when needed

Ingredients: Jojoba oil, lavender highland, cistus and immortelle

Size: 10ml

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