Copaiba Balsam Natural 古巴香脂


Oshadhi Copaiba Balsam Natural (古巴香脂精油) is a traditional remedy for wound healing and skin problem from the South American rain forests. The resin is harvested from wild trees by tapping (similar to the way rubber trees are tapped). It is most frequently used in blends, where its warm honeyed base note acts as a fixative for the lighter top notes. It is soothing, balancing and uplifting, and blends well with Rose, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang.

Note: This oil is the pure resin from the tree.

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Botanical Name: Copaifera officinalis

Cultivation: Wild-crafted

Origins: Brazil

Part of Plant: Resin

Fragrance Note: Base

Major Biochemical Compounds: beta-Caryophyllene, trans-alpha-Bergamotene, Germacrene-D, alpha-Humulene, alpha-Copaene

Size: 10ml

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